On 17th of March the international stream of Maunula ala-aste had a science fair. Each class had different activities in their classroom. The international stream was divided into small groups.

Here’s what activities each class had:

In the 1st grade classroom, you could make a movie about Finland.

In the 2nd grade classroom, you could learn about the planets in our solar system. Also there was orienteering.

In the 3rd grade classroom, there was different activities where you got to learn about forces.

In the 4th grade classroom, you could learn about the Baltic countries. There was also food that you could taste.

In the 5th grade classroom, you could do a health checkup.

In the 6th grade classroom, you could learn about rocks, volcanoes, fossils and crystals. There were also many different experiments and activities there.

Before the science fair ended, all the international classes gathered up in the hall. There we watched 2 volcano experiments.